monica rabinowitz
conceptual art & design

Monica Rabinowitz is a conceptual artist who works in analogue and digital photography, sound and installation. Her practice often explores identity and its performative elements. After graduating with a BA in Sociology from the State University of New York at Albany in 1990, she moved to London, England where she worked, designed theatrical sets and continued her education in fine art and youth and community work. She has traveled extensively in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, where she developed her photographic skills, modeled for artists and taught English in Singapore in 1997.

From 2000, Monica studied with artists Susan Jahoda, Joan Braderman, Ernesto Pujol, Jacqueline Hayden, Nina Parris, John DiStefano, Michael Minelli and art historian, Janet Kaplan at Vermont College, where she received her MFA in Visual Art in 2002.

Monica has exhibited and presented lectures on her work in the United States and the United Kingdom, where she is a dual resident of both countries. Monica is currently based in London and teaches photography and media at West Herts College in Watford, UK.


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