monica rabinowitz
conceptual art & design

My work investigates fragmented, hybrid identity and its performative elements. I am interested in the ways that culture impacts and shapes identity. In my practice, I explore themes of memory, Jewish culture, the family, gender and sexuality, creating work which the viewer experiences interactively. Much of this subject matter is conveyed through visual and oral storytelling and digitally captured performance, weaving personal narratives into elaborate, technical installations. Formally I work with photography, video, sound and installation and at times employ other electronic devices such as motion detectors and answering machines.

My most recent research project, Line #5 - Knyazhevo reconstructed the memories of my grandmother's life in Bulgaria during World War II and represented these memories and the erosion of them through layered still and moving imagery, audio, sweeping windshield wipers and the constructed internal space of a Bulgarian tram car.

I am currently developing sequential work for future research, with the aim to continue mining family narratives which explore the liminal spaces between exile and settlement and to pursue the representation of these stories through interactive multimedia experiences for viewers.


student work